MaMo Experiment - The NFT
Welcome to MaMo Experiment - The NFT Gaming and AI Application Platform
The MaMo Experiment is a comprehensive technology innovation project constituting several aspects which are decentralised finance (DeFi), NFT gamification, artificial intelligence technology and distributed computing power network system
  • Reward Pool 🎰 There is a countdown reward mechanism with amount 29% from the total supply. The reward will distribute to the last lucky MaMo buyer, LP staker, puzzle beater, and marketing purpose. The whole process is automatic.
  • NFT Mining 🧩 Spend MaMo to unlock NFT jigsaw puzzle which allows staking in puzzle and enjoy mining reward. Puzzle beater, the last to complete the whole puzzle will receive an extra reward from the portion of reward pool.
  • NFT Jigsaw Puzzle πŸƒ Each NFT jigsaw puzzle contain a specific keyword that could create value at the phase of Vinci 2.0. Besides that, the NFT jigsaw puzzle own the rights of mining and Davi token reward, also, it can be traded freely among users with self-pricing, the authorities of NFT will move along to owner when traded.
  • Davi Token πŸͺ™ Davi token will open for exchange of AI mining NFT card which is an important ingredient in Vinci stage, AI mining system.
  • MaMo Hub πŸ”„ Allow users to trade their NFTs among each other.
  • AI Mining System πŸ€– Public are allow to participate in AI Vinci mining mechanism according to the official configuration.
  • Fontana Di Trevi β›² Allow users to stake NFT jigsaw puzzle that contain keywords in order to craft own favourite NFT.
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